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Auto-Updating Live Maps (and much more)!

March 20, 2013

Now you didn't think PlanetSide 2 Maps was a dead project did you? We hope not! We have been working hard the past couple months with today's HUGE update for the site:

Live Territory Control for all Servers

First of all, live territory control for all continents on all servers! Three weeks ago, SOE finally released their API for PlanetSide 2. This allowed us to easily plug-in and pull live data for each region. Right now, the API is limited to simply showing who controls each region. You can't tell which regions are in the process of being captured or how big the enemy presense is in a region. But if SOE ever adds this the API, you can rest assured that that we will implement it.


Oh yeah, did we mention that the maps automatically update? No refreshing necessary. The map will automatically fetch the latest territory control information every 60 seconds and update the map in your browser. Every now and then, SOE's API does not respond (this is the internet, duh). In this case, your map will simply try again in 60 seconds. We are limited by the reliability of the API, but in general, our maps are going to be within 60 seconds of live data. We are working on techniques to make this even better.

New Mapping Library

When we first started this project, Google Maps' API was the library of choice. It was pretty cool, but once we started doing a lot of custom stuff, it was cumbersome. Enter Leaflet, an incredibly simple to use, open source, JavaScript mapping library. It's going to allow us to do some pretty awesome things with our maps. Dropping Google Maps and rewriting everything in Leaflet has been a huge undertaking. This is biggest reason we haven't had any big updates on the site in a while. But we are here and done and moving foward!

Icons for Facilities, Terminals, Landing Pads, etc...

On our maps you will now see that we have added icon locations for TONS of stuff. All types of terminals, Capture Points, Spawn Tubes, Shield Generators, Ammo Towers. etc... One thing about the in-game map is that you can't see this stuff for an outpost or facility unless you are there physically (virtually?). Now with our maps, you can use it to plan your next assault. At any time you will be able to see where the spawn tubes are or where the vehicle terminals are before you get there. Also, if you don't want to see certain icons on your map, you can simply toggle them on/off in the new sidebar!

UserEcho Feedback

Do you have an awesome idea for the site? Did you find a bug? Do you simply want to tell us how much you love Check out our feedback forums at You can report bugs, suggest improvements, or even upvote/downvote other people's suggestions. We strive to respond to every bit of feedback we get.

We aren't done yet!

That's a lot of awesome changes! But we aren't done yet. We still have lots to add and are going to continue keeping the site updated with awesome new features. Hey and don't forget to tell all your outfit buddies about the site! Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and +1 us on Google+! In the meantime, go check out those maps! Just pick a server and then continent on the homepage!

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