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Preview: Live Enemy Locations!

April 1, 2013

Today, we wanted to show off a cool preview of an upcoming feature we are adding to PlanetSide 2 Maps: Live Enemy Locations! SOE recently made some small changes to the Census API for PlanetSide 2, allowing some new features to be accessed. The API now allows us to display hotspots on the map, as well as display which faction owns which continent on each server. The biggest surprise though, is that the API now allows us to access the live position of any player on the map within any hex/territory. We really did not think that SOE would allow this, but here it is. Click here for a larger version of the above image.


Right now on our development server, we have live player locations updating on the map every 10 seconds (we may lower this to 5 seconds as long as it doesn't bog down the server). Each player is represented by a circle colored either red, blue or purple (faction colors obviously). It doesn't appear that the API distinguishes between a player being in or out of a vehicle or not, so even if a player shows up just as a circle on the map, that might mean they are actually in a vehicle at that location. Also, the API does not appear to show which direction a player is facing. We are working with the API to see if it's possible to determine what type of vehicle players are in and what direction they are facing.

Is this cheating?

We didn't think SOE would allow this simply because it would make it to easy for players to cheat. If you can simply look on a map and see the exact position of EVERY player in the game (friendly or not), then it possibly takes the fun out of the game. But we believe that SOE has a good reason for allowing this in the API or else it wouldn't be there. Perhaps they are planning on locking it down to be faction-specific. We really don't know at this point.

Anyways, we are really excited for this feature. It's working VERY well in our development environment and we are planning on releasing this to the live site tomorrow so that everyone can use it. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and +1 us on Google+!

Update: April 2, 2013

After reading this blog post, SOE realized their mistake and swiftly removed enemy locations from the API. Unfortunately this means that this feature will not be apart of ;-)

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