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Upcoming Features

You wouldn't believe how many ideas we are currently developing...

Hex Territories

A hex overlay that shows you exactly what the boundaries are for each territory. This is extremely important and is one of the first things we are going to add.

Tons of Icons

We are adding icons for Facilities, Outposts, Warp Gates, Control Points, Equipment Terminals, Teleporters, Spawn Control Units and everything else you can think of!

Resources and Benefits

You will be able to see exactly what resources and benefits your empire gains by controlling a territory or facility.

Grid System

A 16x16 grid overlay that matches exactly what you see in-game... Not much to say here really :-)

Live Map Drawing

Need to relay to another squad where the enemy is? Draw out your battle plans and intel right on the map and share them live with your buddies.

PS2 Data API Integration

View LIVE maps for your server right here on the website. See who controls each territory. See where the hotspots are. Is the PlanetSide 2 Data API going to allow us to do this? We don't know but we are crossing our fingers!

and much, much more...